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Can the Dashboard show balances with/without VAT?


I may be asking something that’s not possible, or maybe requesting a feature that only I would appreciate(!) but I was wondering if it’s possible to show pre-VAT figures on the Dashboard. Before I used QuickFile, I set my income / expenses spreadsheet up to always show me balances with and without VAT. I would always concentrate more on the pre-VAT figure, especially on the balance due in, so that I wasn’t spending the VAT man’s money in my head. Does that make sense?!

So if there’s a feature which would allow me to see balances of Money Owed to You and Money You Owe either including or excluding VAT please could you point me to it? And if it’s not already a feature, and if it’s of interest to anyone else, might that be something that could be implemented in the future? Ideally also on the Invoice Management page - if we could choose to have a column where the Total was pre-VAT, and then a VAT column that would be ideal.

Or am I just being awkward?!?



I’ve just found the ‘Modify Columns’ button on the Invoice Management page, which has let me add NET and VAT columns, which is brilliant! Just the Dashboard balances now - I wonder if there’s a way of seeing the same there?



I @StuartCookson,

I will change this to a #feature thread so that we can monitor the interest and consider it for development



Have you looked at customised dashboard totals?



I’m not sure how much that would help here, since the only nominal account that tracks amounts outstanding (as opposed to total for the year both paid and unpaid) is the debtors control account which is naturally VAT inclusive, and is essentially what the normal dashboard balance shows (except that that doesn’t account for prepayments and credit held on account).



I think I was thinking of custom reports when I posted that which does allow you to do a bit more than the customised dashboard totals.


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