Can you create a custom paid for method? for dropdown menu

When I go to log a sales transaction you have to select the paid for method, you have various dropdowns inc bank transfer paypal etc. I use a finance company for customers, so I get paid via the finance company (payment assist). Can I create payment assist as a dropdown to select?

This would allow me to see how many transaction I put through them.


I would only consider that route if each individual payment was passed through from the finance company individually and without deductions. Otherwise I would treat them as a separate bank account.

However I find that the dropdown forces us to enter spurious detail. If an online transaction is processed by our credit card acquirer we have no idea, and don’t care, if a credit or debit card was used let alone Visa or Mastercard or Amex. I would much rather be able replace all options with a generic “card” option.

Hi @EcoMax_Tuning

The payment method doesn’t really serve any purpose in QuickFile, it’s there simply for reference (it appear on payment views for example). I think the better option would be to do as @FolkLondon mentions and to use the separate bank account method and treat it like another payment provider (similar process as you use with PayPal, Stripe etc.)

You may also wish to consider using project tags to determine the turnover, profit and loss based on those invoices. Please let me know if you want more information on this.

@FolkLondon - I’ll certainly pass your comments to our development team. I can’t guarantee anything will change here, but they’ll be aware of the issue and will review it.

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