Can you split an invoice across two codes?!

Is it possible to split an invoice across two codes?

When our invoices are paid, they come in one lump sum which includes our normal fees which include VAT. Within this same lump sum we are also paid back money we have spent on our clients behalf (which there does not include VAT).

The problem with this is that when we pull up our profit and loss accounts, it looks as though we have made more money than we should have. I would like the money we are paid back to show under the chargeable disbursements code and the fees to show under the sales code.

Is this possible?


Hi Andrew,

When you create an invoice you can add multiple lines and specify on each one which nominal you’d like it to go to.

Hope this helps

That’s perfect, thank you.

Is there anyway I can change the locked invoices so that our P&L’s are correct?

Hi @griff999,

If going into them and editing doesn’t work then you can do a Journal to move the amount across?

Thanks Beth,

Sorry, would you be able to explain how to do a journal to move across?

Hi @griff999,

This guide explains how to do Journals: Journals

You would just need to have it going out of the ‘wrong’ nominal and have it going in to the ‘correct’ nominal.

Hope this helps

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