Can you tag receipts mailed in or uploaded?

I dont think this feature is available but if would be a good idea

i would like to somehow ‘tag’ or mark invoices that i email in or upload to the receipt hub.
i get my receipts before they show on the bank statements or before i create an invoice for them and so my receipts would appear in the receipt hub first.

i cant see any way of marking these or tagging these to say what type of purchase they are and what project they relate to.

i buy online from screwfix.
i get the receipt emailed to me straight away.
i forward it into the receipt hub via email.
it sits in my receipt hub waiting to be tagged.

if i have my assistant or book keeper do my account, they have no idea if this is tools, general sales, advertising etc?
they also have no idea which project to tag it with? it could be for Job1, Job2 Job3 etc.

im thinking this would require me personally to do this on a regular bases and somehow keep a separate record of what purchase was for what.

is there any way to somehow say what these are for as im sending them in?
if i add in text to the email it gets stripped out.

if not, how do other people go about this?

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