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Can you use AutoEntry. My accountant firm uses it

im looking at different accounting packages to use for my businesses.
I thought i had more or less decided on quickfile.

my accountants uses AutoEntry

This captures receipts and they then use this with their internal accounting package. This is only for them and not cloud based.

AutoEntry integrates with most of the top name accounting packages and would be idea if it worked with quickfile because my accountants would do my book keeping and using autoentry it would be put into my cloud accounting package.

Hi @adnw

We don’t currently integrate with AutoEntry, but we can certainly consider this as part of future development. However, I would also recommend raising this with AutoEntry themselves as it may need to be done from their end.

How likey are you going to work with Autoentry i have about 20 clients using Quickfile and it be quicker for me to get clients to use Autoentry to upload all there data into Quickfile for me so theni can concentrate on moving there business forward with up to date info

Hi @jhanks0311

With these types of tools they’re often a push setup rather than pull - they would push the data to QuickFile, rather than us pulling it from them.

I would certainly raise your interest with AutoEntry to see if they can shed any light on their setup.

please keep me updated on autoentry

ive asked Auto entry whether they could consider dealing with quickfile all they said there put it to the management team so best idea is email them you want it to ,the more people ask for it ,then maybe it get done.

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