Can you use invoices created outside QuickFile

I have complicated invoices (bi-lingual) all set up for German clients, including different types of information depending on their requirements and the service provided. I need to keep and send those as they are. Is it possible to use those within QuickFile somehow? Could I just create very generic parallel invoices just stating company details, a bland description of service (translation), the date and the amount (in EUR) for MTD purposes? I only have a few invoices a month.

Hi Jutta,
One option, if it fits your need, could be to customise the quickfile invoices. Have a look below:

If not, then you could may use the quickfile invoices just as dummy-invoices, only for quickfile. But you should add a note or so to which original invoice does it belong. You could also upload your original invoice to quickfile and add it as a document to your dummy-quickfile-invoice. But I am not sure how happy hmrc is with this solution when you have got to different invoice numbers. For that reason you may should change the quickfile invoice number to your current invoice number so that both documents have the same number.

Thanks. I reckon I’d have to ask HMRC if they would be happy with dummy invoices. Does anybody else know?
Especially, as my invoices are in EUR and paid into a foreign bank account. I presume I’d just convert the EUR amounts to Sterling at HMRC’s official quarterly exchange rate for the dummy invoices. Obviously, bank linkup is not an option.

I don’t see this as being much different from the way I work running a retail shop. The master records are the receipts generated for each transaction by my EPOS system, which is what calculates how much of each sale is VAT. I record one “invoice” in QuickFile per day with the totals for that day’s sales as provided by the EPOS. As long as the numbers add up and you’re confident that if HMRC ever asked you would be able to put your hand on the original master record for any given sale, and as long as your invoice numbers (in whatever systems you’re using) come from “one or more continuous sequences” so they can spot at a glance if there are any gaps, then you should be fine.

You’re allowed to have several different sources of sequential invoice numbers, the key is that each sequence be unbroken.

This part could quickfile do for you. You have to mark your account as a multi-currency account.

I do something similar for quotes and the occasional invoice when I need more detail for whatever reason. Just create the quote/document as normal in Quickfile and then attach your externally created invoice to the Quickfile record. As long as the figures are correct it doesn’t really matter how you enter it, HMRC only really care about what you owe them.

Thanks for all suggestions. Am a newbie and steep learning curve ahead. Attachments sound a brilliant way of doing it in conjunction with multicurrency.

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