Cancelling a Gocardless Invoice

A payment of an invoice was requested by mistake via GoCardless.

  1. Manual GC entry was cancelled
  2. Auto Email sent to customer and me
  3. Auto Invoice DD status set to CANCELLED
  4. Manual Credit Note to cancel invoice
  5. Manual copy of original invoice

Process invoice…

Is this the correct process?

Did you cancel the DD payment on GoCardless before it was deposited into your account? Was the payment collected in error or should the whole invoice be cancelled?

Hi Glenn
Yes I did cancel the DD payment on GoCardless before payment submitted to Bacs.
Yes the DD payment was collected in error - It was a cheque payment.
It was a matter of lots of invoices done at the time…

OK so you should be left with an unpaid invoice, if the invoice was also issued in error you can either delete it or credit note it. As far as the payment goes it seems like you’ve solved that already.

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