Cancelling Invoice / Raising Debit Note

I’ve had a search through the forums to see if I could find out about this but the nearest I found was ‘debit note’…I’ll explain.

I raised an invoice for a reserved item for a customer and they paid a deposit. They subsequently cancelled the order and their deposit was refunded. I issued a credit note for the deposit but am now left with an overdue invoice for the full amount.

Do I just delete the invoice? I feel it should still show in the system and deleting it wouldn’t do this…I read in another post about raising a debit note to cancel the invoice but can’t find where to do this…

Thnaks in advance.

You’ve issued a refund for the deposit amount which is correct. You should now be able to credit note the remaining balance on that invoice. What’s the invoice number here, I can take a look for you.

Cheers Glenn, it’s #000120 but I think I deleted the credit note…just showing as all outstanding now! :confused:

I can see the £15 refund so all you need to do now is credit note the unpaid balance of £54.49. In the invoice preview screen you will see a Credit Note button, a popup will appear allowing you to reduce the unpaid balance.

Save the credit note and that will write down the invoice.

Thanks Glenn! Sorted…no doubt I’ll have other questions :smiley:

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know!