Cannot remove 'Apply VAT reverse charge'

Invoices can usually be edited after sending, for better or worse, rather than having to be credited and a new invoice issued. This is useful and valid (in my eyes) if a reference has been accidentally omitted for example i.e. the monetary contents of the invoice are unchanged. Something that I do not appear to be able to remove is the reverse charge, however, though the system makes you feel like you can. We just invoiced an EU VAT registered client who unusually wanted goods shipped outside EU so reverse charge does not apply but zero VAT should be applied. We omitted to remove the default reverse charge. Is the only option to credit and re-issue?

Ah, we did enter zero VAT even though reverse charge has been switched on. So, there will be a reverse charge of zero VAT. Hopefully, therefore, all is ok. I tried issuing a credit note just to make everything neat (then reissue invoice) but it’s warning me there is no VAT number for the client, though we have clearly entered one in the client’s details page. The system may have been thrown because we created the invoice from a quotation/estimate but changed the name format for the client between quotation and invoice. Not sure what to do now.

Hi @jwf,

I wouldn’t like to comment on whether the VAT is ok as I am not an accountant - You would be better to double check with one to make sure all has been processed correctly.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

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