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Cannot renew Bank Feed

My bank feeds to two bank accounts need renewing as they expire in two days. I have been through the renewal process successfully several times but receive the attached notice each time.

“The data feed for the selected bank account has already been activated for another Quickfile bank account.”

I have another Quickfile account that was linked to the same bank accounts but this has not caused a problem before and those feeds have expired.

It might still be worth logging in to that one and explicitly detaching the feeds there to see if that helps.


Thanks for your fast reply.

I revoked the feeds on the other account this morning and then tried again to renew the feeds to the current account. Sadly, this did not work.

I have one day to find a solution.

Do you have any other good ideas?

Thanks again.


Hi Steve,

I will send you a private message now to get some more information from you and to help you resolve the issue.

Please look out for the message from me :slight_smile:

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