Cannot submit EC Sales List online

The EC sales list & box 8 of the monthly VAT return do not match? Also I receive a submission failure when trying to submit to HMRC. I have read all of the EC sales topics & made suggested charges eg removing the letters on VAT reg numbers but sill no joy. Any ideas? Thank you

Are you enrolled to submit EC Sales Returns electronically? It requires separate enrollment with HMRC. This is usually why the submission fails.


It seems the EC Sales list was getting capped on the preview. You should now find that the list matches the box 8 total. This may also solve the submission issue. I noticed you’ve filed EC sales lists in the past on QF, so it’s probably not an enrollment issue.

Let me know if you have any further issues.

Thank you Glenn, that has solved the issue of the EC sales matching box 8. I still cannot file online, I will check with HMRC. I have only filed VAT returns online not the EC sales. Thanks again