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Cant auto-forward or filter emails from gmail to quickfile


i cant figure out a way to auto forward / filter emails from gmail to quickfile?

i cant setup a filter, but i cant auto forward to receipts@quickfile.co.uk.

i want to be able to receive an invoice from a specific email, setup a filter to auto forward it to receipts@.
when gmail setups up forwarding addresses, it sends an email to that address and you have to confirm it.
the problem with this is that, gmail would send an email to receipts@ and not my account, and so there would be no way to confirm it.

is there any way of achieving this or any work around?


Hi @adnw

I did a quick search on the forum for you and came across this post: Receipt Hub - Extra Characters in Body & Auto-forwarding emails

It may help you with an alternative to the auto-forward

thanks but unfortunately not, thats not the same thing.

i cant forward emails automatically via gmail, because i cant get the authorising emial that gmail sends to quickfile when i want to set up forwarding.

gmail sends an email that the forwarding address has to receive, read and click on an activation link. this has to be done before you are allowed to auto forward emails to that address.

i cant get that email with the activation link in it because gmail emials receipts@ but not from my own emial address, they send it from their main account, and so the email never gets added to my quickfile inbox

Hi @adnw

Auto forwarding through gmail is not supported - as you have stated it requires an activation link. The thread that I sent in my previous post describes an alternative way of automating your invoices being received into the receipt hub

There’s a distinction between email forwarding (I receive an email from X, forward it to Y, and Y sees the message as coming from me) and email redirection (my gmail receives an email from X, redirects it to Y, and Y sees the message as coming from the original sender). Gmail filters can only redirect, but to make it work with the receipt hub you would need to forward with your own address in the “from” line. There may be third party add-on that can achieve this, or use the Zapier or similar trick described in the linked thread.

thanks for the reply
yes, understood.

ive used zapier for similar to get items into a task manager, but not to send an email to receipt hub. ill have to take a look at this.

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