Can't delete PayPal account or feed

Hi Guys

I want to delete my PayPal feed. I tried to delete it an it said I had to delete the transactions, which I did.

However, it now won’t allow me to delete the account (from the bank accounts summary page) or to delete the feed from with the account page either. Both links just seem to go to dead.

Any thoughts?


When you say the links go dead, are you getting any errors, or are you seeing a 404 message?

No message at all. Interestingly the same thing happened when I tried to submit my VAT return. You hover over and it appears to be a link but nothing happens.

I did however manage to succeed by using Internet Explorer. I’ve always used Chrome in the past which had been fine but that seemed to be causing the bug.

Rather than deleting the feed part, I think you are trying to delete the whole bank account? In which case you would need to first remove the transactions.

Which links exactly? Clicking here on an empty account worked for me (Chrome Version 44.0.2403.157 m).

Hello Glenn. Yes the problem was with both. Feed or account as above. I got the message to delete transactions which I did and that’s when the problem arose. Is it working in Chrome okay for you? Thanks.

I couldn’t find any specific issues here, but if you can provide details steps to reproduce this I will be happy to escalate this to our development team.

OK great thanks. I’ll have another go and see in Chrome.