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Can't find the link to QuickFile Affinity

I can no longer find the quickfile affinity log in page on google, have you removed this service?


Hi @Damien_Pantling

Are you still having problems logging in?

I don’t think the problem was with logging in as such, more that they just go to Google and type “affinity” expecting the top result to be Quickfile Affinity log in page.

Hi Beth,

Yes I can still access affinity by typing in affinity.quickfile.com but I had to go through my browser history to find the link, I could not find it on the quickfile page at all, nor is it accessible via google (I used to type in Quickfile affinity login and it would be the top hit).
Not sure why it’s disappeared but perhaps one to raise with your IT/SEO team, and for now put it in an easy to access part of your website (apologies if it is there already and I missed it)


By default most (all?) browsers will use autocomplete so when you start typing affinity into the address bar the link would pop up from your history.

It’s at the bottom of the homepage.

Might be better if you just add the log in link to your bookmarks (and maybe turn on your bookmarks toolbar) then you don’t have to go via Google (which is an odd way of using the browser tbh).

Hi @Damien_Pantling

I have passed your feedback on regarding SEO, but if you save affinity.quickfile.co.uk as a bookmark or even in your bookmarks toolbar for easy access this would be quicker than typing into google anyway :slight_smile:

You can also find the link at the bottom on the quickfile homepage

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