Can't get divide function to work in report formula

I’m a newbie to quickfile so aplogise in advance if missing something simple. I have searched forum and found no results.
i am testing custom reports and cannot get divide function to work for example if I take nominal code 4000 and try and divide it by say nominal code 5000 (see below for what i have tried) i only get the figure for nominal code 4000 in my report

sales 4000 where nominal account 4000 value is 25

sales1 4000/5000 where nominal 4000 vale is 25 and nominal 5000 value is 10

Expected result in report would be sales 23 sales1 2.3
what I actually get is sales 23 sales1 23
To make matters worse I cannot get the symbol / to appear in the formula i have to copy the traditional sign for divide line with dot above and below to even get sales1 to print but it obviously ignores it as it only prints value for nom code 4000

No idea what I’m doing wrong but cannot get divide sign / to even type into the formula.

add to this another question how would i calculate say a purchases as a percentage of sales using formula

purchases divided by sales times 100 normally I would expect this to be entered as follows

(4000/5000)*100 where 400 is the sales nominal and 5000 is the purchases
but as I can@t insert / I don’t know where to start. I have tried on both firefox and chrome same results
any help appreciated

I would think the fact that you can’t enter / means that it isn’t a supported function.

There are areas in Quickfile where certain characters are explicitly allowed/disallowed, usually for a reason, so it isn’t a browser issue.

Thanks for that any idea how I perform divide in a formula without the symbol. /

I don’t think the divide operator is officially supported or tested. The input field even prevents entry.

We use a 3rd party tool to evaluate the formula so it may be a limitation here. With that said I put in 4000/10 (by pasting in the formula) and it did correctly calculate 1/10th of the sales total.

With the formula 4000/5000, on some days you may end up with “divide by zero” errors. If on one day you have £1000 sales but £0 general purchases.

Thanks for that.
What my client wants is a report for example:
(say for week)

Sales £100.00
Purchases £50.00
Gross Profit £50.00
Gross profit % 50%

This seems like a pretty standard requirement for a report but I do not seem to be able to achieve this. Am I missing something?
I will try it later but are you saying that if I copy and paste the formula into the box it will work? How complicated can I make the formula for example and in answer to your above point regarding dividing by zero would the report generator accept a formula such as:
(if 5000=0,0,((5000/4000)*100) (though not sure if the syntax is correct for “if” or even if there is the functionality for using the if statement so any feedback appreciated.
It is a bit of a deal breaker really as I am trying to get a client onto quickfile but I need to be able to replicate reports they are already using or they will not consider it.

IF, ELSE statements are out I’m afraid.

I’m not 100% sure about division, I know in C# which is the programming language QF is built upon, dividing by zero will cause an exception.

I think we’ll need to go away and run some tests here, I can’t honestly say if this will work out of the box or whether we’d need to manually handle some specific cases.

We are involved in various other areas of development at the moment, but I will try to convene some time to look at this further next week.

Thanks for that. Are there any reports already included that have any percentage figures shown for profit etc. It seems such a standard thing in a profit report to show net or gross profit percentage I wondered if this has already been done somewhere?

The Profit and Loss report will show you the amounts in currency but not as a percentage. You can run a P&L for any period you like, we also have a segmented P&L for monthly, quarterly and yearly side-by-side comparisons. You could export a monthly P&L and apply an additional formula in Excel to show the profit margin percentage.

I’ve never seen % margins expressed in P&L reports, but would gladly listen to any further input here.