Can't login to my account

I’m unable to login to my account. How do I resolve this? Has it been blocked?

There are a number of possible reasons. What messages are you seeing?

Hi. When I login, it doesn’t recognise my password and when I enter info to reset my password I don’t receive an email with password link.

  • Are you logging in at the correct URL - the <yourcompany> that you chose when you created your account
  • Are you definitely using the right email address
  • Do you have any kind of password manager function in your browser that might be overwriting what you thought you entered as the password before submitting the form? Try logging in using “private browsing” or “incognito mode” to eliminate this possibility
  • Have you recently made any changes like setting up a test client account under the same email address? I’ve seen people have trouble in the past when they have both an administrator and a client login with the same email

Hi Ian. Yes I have used the correct URL and email address.
The original Quickfile Welcome email I received verifies company URL and email address.
I’ve tried a incognito window as you suggested but still no luck.
Regarding your 4th point, I’m the only one who should be able to login.
I get the response “Invalid Login Credentials” and when I request a new password I get no response with a link to reset the password. I checked Spam folder - nothing there either.

Hi @Paperbark

I have had a quick look and there appeared to be a block on your email which I have now removed. If you try again you should be able to receive the password reset email

Thanks for your help Beth. I’ve now got access.

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