Can't print a full page on bank statement page

Hi. Can you help please. When I do a bank reconciliation I usually print this out for file but when I have tried to print today, it squashes up the reference column so you don’t get a description that will print out. I have tried landscape and portrait and even uninstalled and re-installed my printer but still can’t get it to print the full page. I also can’t even download it in a full page to print from there or save as a PDF file.
Any ideas why this is happening please?
Many thanks

It sounds like this may relate to the way bank item descriptions are rendered since we introduced inline editing of bank descriptions. We now output these to a sort of textbox rather than a label.

It’s something we plan to look at shortly although in the mean time I would export to CSV and print that instead. Printing HTML pages is always going to be fraught with problems.

Thank goodness. I thought I was going mad!

Thanks very much Glenn.

Best wishes

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