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Can't process refund

Hi, i’m trying to process a refund and QF doesn’t list it. There’s a slight difference in amount due to the original purchase being in dollars so the exchange rate had changed. This hasn’t mattered in the past though.

This is the original purchase:

This is the refund:

and here’s the message i get when trying to process the refund:

Can you help?

Hi @ianjh

Typically with a refund, you would create it from the original invoice itself, moreso where there are multiple nominal codes used, the amount differs or it’s in a currency that’s not GBP.

If you go to the original invoice, and select More Options >> Raise a credit note, fill out the details and click Save. When you click save, it will ask if you if you want to refund it (if it was paid), at which point it would create a pre-tagged transactions for you.

I hope this helps.

Hi Mathew, I’ve always just used refund from a supplier and then it lists the sales, i pick one and then refund it. It just won’t do it this one

Just to confirm -

  • The invoice and refund are both GBP
  • The invoice doesn’t consist of more than 1 nominal code/category
  • The refund pre-dates the original invoice
  • The invoice has been paid?

Ok, I’ve done that, but i still need to tag the refund entry in my bank account. It looks the same as before

Yes this is no different than any other refunds that I’ve tagged.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look, because in that case, it should be working.

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I’ve got to nip out for a couple of hours Mathew. How do I see/reply to your private message?

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