Can't raise a purchase invoice in a locked period

Im trying to charge all my purchases but the system dont allow me to do that they appear this message
"You cannot raise a purchase invoice for a financial period that has been locked."
Can I unlock?
I didn’t locked myself any period, what can i do ?
Many Thanks

Hi @msmarino

This would be due to a lock on the account, usually added by running the end of year tool.

You can see the current lock under Account Settings > All Settings > Account Lock Date.

If you wish to unlock the account, you can do so there, but you may need to delete a journal.

is my first time doing this
and I m not an accountant
What journal should I delete?
Many thanks for your help

Hi @msmarino

If you go to Reports > Journals, you should be able to delete your Year End Journal. This will allow you to put the lock date back.

However, you should re-run the year end tool once you’re done.

If you’ve submitted any returns to HMRC, it would be best to check with your accountant (I’m not one) before deleting anything and amending the dates.

Thank you for your quickly reply
I have appointed one of your accountants to do the my first filling return as limited company ,
He ask me to do the bookkeeping , therefore I have to
to input all my sales and purchases, some dated for few years before to activate my comany that has been dormant for a while,
Later, one I have done this task my self he will do the returns for the first time
I thinks that probably I can delete any journal as long this not delete my date of course,
Thank you for your comments

The only data the journal holds is transfers to other nominals. Once you’ve done all the changes, you should be fine to re-run the tool to apply the locks and create the journals again.

If you need help - please let us know! :slight_smile: