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Can't Set Currency in Invoice Create Method.Always GBP shows on Invoice


Sending EUR or USD in Currency via Invoice Create Method. But in QuickFile its showing always in GBP. You can use sandbox for test just change currency to EUR or USD and in Quick File it will go as GBP.


Hi @Sohaib_Ahsan

I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this for you.


its been more than 10 days from now and no news about this bug ?


Hi @Sohaib_Ahsan

This has been fixed on our side, it’s just waiting to be made live.

As soon as it’s live, I’ll be sure to let you know.


@Sohaib_Ahsan - We’ve released an update today to support different currencies with Invoice_Create. This will assume the default exchange rate for that date for now.

I have however noticed we’re returning the GBP value in the response, which I have asked to be changed.

If you could give it a go however and let me know if this is working all OK for you?