Can't Snail Mail Estimate

I am trying to send an estimate by snail mail.
Have put in a full address and selected send invoices by post
Cannot see the snail mail option
Is it possible to do this?

Are you using the contemporary invoice style? If you are then you won’t be able to use the Snail Mail feature as the address isn’t positioned correctly for a windowed envelope.

If you go into the invoice customisation area and switch you will find a range of new invoice styles we launched only a few weeks ago. The Standard template is compatible with the snail mail service.

If I go into invoice customisation there is no option to change the invoice type.
I could change the lay out I think but not the style?

In which case you can’t be using the contemporary style and it must be missing for some other reason. Do you have the estimate number you were trying to send via snail mail pls?

The estimate number is 000016

Thanks! In this case it’s because there are only 3 lines on the address. Are you able to add another line? Perhaps include the county. Our address validation fails as it thinks the address is incomplete.

Problem solved thank you

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