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Can't upload Fire.com Bank statement

Hi guys, I am trying to upload the bank statements csv files for my Fire.com online bank account.
It looks like the columns are not correctly mapped in the original file, I think the problem is that the “date” column has both date and time with a “T” in the middle and a bunch of other numbers and letter at the end, like “2022-01-12T08:42:24.975Z”, where 12/01/2022 is the date of the transaction. With MTD, I would prefer to avoid editing the original files, how can I fix this?

When uploading your statement have you used “Other” when choosing a bank?
If yes, then I think you will have to change your file on your laptop/PC using a software like Excel or OpenOffice.
You can tell Excel, for example, what to do and the software will change all the cells for you. And if you record a marco while doing this, you need only to press one or two buttons the next time you have to change the file.

Hope this helps

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Yes, I did select “Other” bank when uploading the spreadsheet.
I am new at using MTD and quite confused, I sell on Amazon, and for example, with Amazon’s sales, I have been told that I should upload the original spreadsheets of my Amazon account to a software like this to create a “digital record”. Is this also applied to bank statements or not? Wouldn’t editing the original spreadsheet be against MTD rules?

In general you are right but you don’t change relevant things, you only change the format that the bookkeeping software can read the file, in your case the date format, and that is allowed.
It is quite often that different banks provide the downloads in different formats and you have to change it to csv, for example, to be able to upload it to your software.
Hope that makes sense.

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