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Can't upload VAT return to bridging software

After entering all sales and purchases data and tagging the column and row information, I was taken to next page to choose the document to ‘upload’ the data, but it wouldn’t allow me to access this page and the following message was received … ‘not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 3478…… Please ensure VAT no is correct and you have connected corresponding HMRC tax account. If you’ve recently enrolled on MTD scheme please allow 24 hrs for HMRC systems to update’. I’ve checked the VAT No and it is correct - I unable to go any further. Please help!

Hi @JulesCoates

Can I just check, when did you receive your confirmation email from HMRC for MTD?

I’ve not had a confirmation email from HMRC. A while ago, when following the instructions on how to use the Quickfile software I did log on to HMRC to authorise connection with Quickfile, which worked. Now when I log into the HMRC is says I can no longer input data through them and has to be done through MTD, so I assumed that this meant it had worked?

Hi @JulesCoates,

You will need to register for MTD with HMRC first - once you have done this you will get a confirmation email which means it should all be up and running then for the QuickFile integration

Signing up for Making Tax Digital

This might help if you’re not sure :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is very useful. I’ve been back into HMRC website and followed the instructions, but it doesn’t recognise our partnership!!! Need to just treble check the info I’m putting in, then hopefully I’ll have it sorted.

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