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Signing up for Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is now live. If you are a VAT registered business from April 2019 you must now submit your VAT Returns via the new MTD Gateway. Fear not, if you are already using QuickFile to manage your accounting, the setup procedure is very simple.

Enrolling for Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Before you can file your VAT Return on the new MTD system you must first enroll for MTD within your HMRC Tax Account.

  1. First sign into your HMRC Tax Account.


  1. On the overview page you will then see a link “Sign up for Making Tax Digital for VAT”. Click this link to proceed.


  1. You should then see another link as follows:


  1. You will be taken through a series of forms where you’ll provide additional information about your business. Once you reach the end you should see a confirmation message similar to the one below.

  1. You may now sign out of your HMRC Tax Account.

Important: You must wait for HMRC to send a confirmation email that your enrollment process has completed before you can view your VAT Obligations and file your VAT Returns on QuickFile. You may link your Tax Account in QuickFile, but none of the MTD reports will be accessible until HMRC confirm your application.

To find out how to link your Tax Account and setup for MTD on QuickFile please refer to the guide below:

Link your HMRC Tax Account to QuickFile


There are a couple of key exemptions that may preclude you from enrolling for MTD. These are as follows.

  • Your business is not mandated under the VAT MTD rules, for example traders who are voluntarily VAT registered and under the current VAT threshold.

  • Your business is subject to the 6 month deferral of mandation to October 2019.

Please note: the above exemptions are correct at the time of writing. Please refer to HMRC for a current list of detailed exemptions for Making Tax Digital.

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