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VAT Returns - HMRC letter regarding XML software

I received a letter today from HMRC stating that my VAT returns are submitted using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) software and as from 8th April 2021 this will no longer be accepted. This is because they are moving to digital transformation that does not accept XML submissions.
HMRC have advised that I should contact my software provider - is this something that QuickFile are aware of / advise on?

Thanks, Eddie

This refers to the old online submission system where you have to enter your government gateway credentials directly into the QuickFile VAT settings page. This method of submission is being discontinued in favour of the newer “Making Tax Digital” mechanism. QuickFile supports both, so it should be relatively straightforward for you to register for MTD on the HMRC site and then connect your tax account to QuickFile.


Hi Ian

I’ve been sending VAT returns on line using QuickFile since staring my business in 2018, so not sure if I have to do anything more, are you able to advise further?
Thanks, Eddie

As ian_roberts said, there are(were) two different ways of doing this. The older way and MTD (Making Tax digital). The older system will not work anymore in near future. Only MTD is supported then. Have a look here:

and here:


Yes, the old reliable never had a problem with it old faithful method is being retired to be replaced with something much more unreliable and a general pain to use. Much like the bank feeds saga, the official way is terrible, much preferred the old unofficial ways that just worked how you wanted them to!

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