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HMRC Tax Accounts


With the roll-out of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) Service, there’s now a new way to connect your QuickFile account to HMRC so that you can file your MTD tax information.

  1. From the QuickFile dashboard select the option “Reports” followed by “HMRC”.

  2. If you have enrolled on the MTD scheme with HMRC you will first need to click the button “Enable MTD Features”.

  3. You should then see a button “Connect a new Tax Account”, go ahead and click this button:

  4. You will be prompted to add a name for this account and to specify if the account belongs to an organisation or individual. For VAT filings you will need to select “Organisation account”.

  5. Click the “Continue” button and you will be directed to the HMRC authentication page.

  6. Log into the Tax Account you would like to link to your QuickFile account and confirm the link on the HMRC authentication pages.

  7. You will then be redirected back to the HMRC Connect page in QuickFile and your Tax Account should now be visible.

Linking your Tax Account to your VAT Profile

If you are VAT registered and have enrolled on HMRC’s public beta service for VAT you will need to link the Tax Account you setup above to your VAT Settings in QuickFile before you can file an MTD VAT Return. This is now done automatically but you can jump into the VAT Settings area to verify this.

Please note: Once you have enrolled on the HMRC MTD public beta for VAT, you will no longer be able to file your returns using the old method.

In your VAT Settings area ensure the boxes “Enable Online Filing” and “Use MTD Pilot Features” are checked.

Once you have done this you can proceed to file a VAT return in the usual way. If the MTD features are correctly setup you should see a box prompting you to select the appropriate filing period.

You can then preview and file your return in the usual way.

Making Tax Digital VAT Pilot Scheme