Unable to submit an MTD VAT return

Thanks for the details - that’s really helpful.

If the VAT return is saved, it’s not submitted (and not possible to submit it). So firstly, ensure that the period you are submitting for has no VAT returns associated with it, otherwise you see the overlap message and causes the figures to be inaccurate.

To file a MTD return, you would need to go Reports >> HMRC >> Select your HMRC account >> VAT Obligations. From here you can select your period and check the figures generated by QuickFile.

It’s worth noting here however that for you to submit this way, the figures need to be calculated originally by QuickFile from the data on your account. If you’re not using QuickFile for your invoicing and bookkeeping, HMRC doesn’t permit you to use this route and submit an “adjustment only return”. There is a way of still doing it using the bridging module, which is why I asked how the figures were calculated above.

If you are generating the VAT return figures elsewhere, you will need to use the bridging module and upload the figures.

As my colleague, @Glenn, mentioned above, HMRC have been experiencing some issues today, so I would certainly recommend trying again to see if this works, or maybe even trying again tomorrow.

Some of these guides may be of some help for you:

Of course, any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask - it’s why we’re here.