Capture receipts with iPhone App

Is it possible for me and my business partner to picture receipts and upload load them to receipt hub using the iphone app? as currently it will only work from 1 phone.


I don’t see why it would only work from one phone? I’m not aware of any such limitation? Are you not able to login on the second phone?

One option you have is to use CamScanner, you can capture the receipts and send them to Just remember to configure your email so we know where to route them.

Yes I am sure both phones sign in ok and once in let you do exactly the same thing, take the picture of the receipt, edit it, name it then save and upload but only images from 1 phone make it into receipt hub, no error messages or anything pop up

It could be a connectivity issue on the second phone, I’m not entirely sure? I tested with an iPad and iPhone and both worked fine for me.

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