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Car purchase, how to administrate?

I am a sole trader and am about to purchase a new car. I need to split the payment between debit card and credit card, but as I will only have a receipt for the full amount, I’m not sure how I administrate this. Can anyone help please?

You can assign multiple part payments to the same purchase - record one purchase for the full amount as per the receipt, and assign separate payments for the two parts. If you have bank feeds and you have the two payments coming through untagged then you can tag them as “payment to a supplier”, then “pay down multiple invoices” - while the wording suggests this is only for when you want to apply one payment to more than one purchase it also works the other way round, it’s for any situation where the payment you’re tagging doesn’t exactly match a single purchase total (part payment for a larger purchase, split payment across multiple purchases, or a pre-payment where you haven’t yet created the purchase itself).

Thank you for the quick reply.