Card charges to be added to invoice option

you have the discount option on invoice - are you able to put + % on ? so we can add say +5 % card charge

Do you always know in advance that your customers will pay by card?

This has been discussed elsewhere but in the context of dynamically adding a charge only when the client chooses to pay using a credit card.

See the thread here:

hi i have the card option deactivated in account - and clients message me to pay via card - that way i would go into the clients invoice and tick add the card charge (like you do the take away the discount) at the minute i add it manually

I’m afraid there’s no automated way to do this so you would need to add a new line separately for now. I’ll leave the feature request open for others to add their vote/comments.

no worries - if it could be even done like the discount option

got to mention - QF is fantastic to use for our event business.

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Not idea, but you could possibly have something like:

Item purchased…£100
Card processing fee (applies only if paying by card)…£1
Total if paying by card…£101

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I like that idea, could be a percentage of the total invoiced amount.