'Card Handling Fee' not being applied on linked accounts

Hi guys,

I’ve set up our system so that customers paying via PayPal will be charged an extra 3.5 ‘percentage of total’ under ‘Payment Options’. However, when clients are now paying via PayPal it does not seem to add this percentage on, they are still paying the same amount as before. Any suggestions?



I had a look at your account setup and went as far as the first page of the PayPal screen and it appeared to add the handling charge.

May I ask, I noticed you have some clients who are linked to your account (i.e. they are also using QF), did this happen with one such client? Can you please supply me with an invoice number where the fee wasn’t applied so we can take a closer look?

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I do indeed have several businesses all using QF (because it’s so simple and awesome) and also have had a few starter company clients that I have set up on QF for their accounts.

I think you may be on to something here, take a look at invoice 10765 when you get the chance, this is the main account that pays by PayPal almost every time. They are set up on QF as you will see.

I must admit when creating a test invoice and testing the system I used an email address that was linked to another QF account, so this may be why I could not get it to work. I’ve tested again today with another email address not registered on QF and it worked OK.

I look forward to your feedback.



I’ve confirmed that it is due to the client being mapped, they end up going a slightly different route when paying down an invoice which bypasses the card handling charge.

We know exactly what this issue is and I’ve asked for this to be fixed as soon as possible. I will update this thread when I know more.

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Thanks for the prompt support and confirmation of the issue.

I look forward to hearing when it’s fixed :smile:


Just a quick one to let you know this has been fixed. The relevant card fees should now be applied to mapped purchases (i.e. purchase records created on your clients account).

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