CardSave Integration

Is it possible to use the CARDSAVE payment gateway as an option. We already use this on our inline shop and would be helpful if it could be used to accept our invoice payments online too?

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Big plus from us here. Cardsave integration would make this fabulous software complete for us!

Cardsave were also mentioned on our old forum.

IDEA: Cardsave Integration?

We can’t commit to anything just yet but I will drop a note over to our developers for further consideration.

Thanks Glen - think that was me on the old system that posted for cardsave integration


Does anyone know if there has been any progress to add the Cardsave integration?


This is not something we are currently working on. We will look at this shortly but I’m afraid right now I have no fixed dates.

Just a quick update. We started looking into CardSave recently and it seems they have now been acquired by Worldpay. I have spoken to an individual at CardSave and she has confirmed that existing CardSave customers will be moved to the Worldpay infrastructure.

As we already support Worldpay and have done since launch, those existing CardSave customers will shortly be able to collect payment on their invoices using the Worldpay integration.