Cash/ Card Register sales

Previously until we purchased a SumUp machine the entries amounted to the cash taken at an event and that I tagged as Bar-Sales. Now that we are taking card sales the entry for cash and card on the cash register is split, how do we tag the card sale so that the Bar-Sales include the card sales.
NB: As QF have advised we have setup a SumUp holding account. This enables us to balance and calculate the charges.

Head to ‘Advanced settings’ under ‘Account Settings’ - Near the bottom you can nominate the accounts for cash and card sales.

Thanks for replying
I had already setup these
*Cash Register - Cash Depositing Account *
Bar Account
*Cash Register - Card Depositing Account *
*Cash Register - Sales Nominal Code *
Bar Sales
Should I have setup the Card Deposit Account differently?
Historically the Bar Account I would like to maintain. The SumUp could be changed but would I not lose the benefit of balancing and charges?

That sounds like the correct setup to me but it’s not clear exactly how you’ve been handling the cash-only sales up until now. Those settings are for the “cash register” tool, where you enter total cash and card sales, plus how much of that is VAT (if you’re VAT registered) and the tool will create one sales invoice for the overall total with two part-payments for the cash and card split.

Thanks Ian for replying…
The village hall is not registered for VAT thankfully.
I have spent sometime on how the Cash register sales works and I do believe I understand it now.
All that is required now is to convince the Bar Manager to change his accounts spreadsheet.

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