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Cash flow forecast integration?

Is there a preferred (or even one at all) cash flow forecasting product that integrates with QuickFile? I’ve done some Googling and a search of the forum, but all I can seem to find is feature requests to build this in to QuickFile itself. I have started to do this in a Google Sheet, but I would prefer to use a dedicated system that won’t miss out all of the things that I no doubt will.


IIRC the person who put in the previous feature request wanted a rather more sophisticated planning tool than would be possible in QF.

If you just want to know what you expect your bank balance to be on a future date based on invoices and purchases currently in QF then they should be able to do something if there is demand. If you want to make forecasts based on anticipated sales and expenses that you haven’t incurred yet then you should be using a spreadsheet.