Cash received for others

Hi, so scenario: I sell other people’s items on ebay and amazon for them (some are not VAT registered), I do not own the items, sometimes I do not even see the items. I take a cut let’s say for this example 10% and I am vat registered. I make a sale of £100 for an item, ebay charge me 10% inc vat, I get to claim the vat back. I get a deposit of £100 (keeping paypal out of the equation at the moment) but only 20% of it is mine (i pay the vat out of the 20%). The other £80 is not mine and has never been mine. I send my customer £80 along with an invoice for £20. They have cash or paperwork accounting for the £100

So, how do I account for £100 in my account that does not belong to me? and £80 I am sending to a customer with no invoice from them as they have no need to invoice me for what is theirs anyway. If I accept as payment £100 then give a receipt for £80 as if I had bought the item and resold it, it would wrap it up nice other than the fact that now I will have to pay vat of an invoice of £100 instead of £20.

There must be an obvious way that i am overlooking for companies such as debt collection etc.

Thanks In advance.

You can open another bank account on QF and call as “Ebay Client Money Control a/c” , you would record ebay charges as normal, money received from ebay in your main bank a/c, tag that as credit in Ebay Client Money Control a/c and payments you make to those types of client tag them as debit in Ebay Client Money Control a/c from main bank a/c, this will record movement in your main bank and leave balance in Ebay Client Money Control a/c which is your commission, record another receipt of commison amount and tag it as revenue. If you have to create new invoice for commison then you can record receipt of that invoice using Ebay Client Money Control a/c. This will even out your cash in and out and record vat correctly too

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