Casual staff invoicing for their time. How to show in chart of accounts?

My client has a shop and occasionally employs casual staff to run the shop or do painting etc. All these staff invoice for their time. I consider my bookkeeping time to come under ‘Professional Fees’, however how do I get these more casual staff to show in the Chart of Accounts as wages paid? Obviously bank tagging shows that their invoices have been paid, but I can’t see how to show this as wages as the dropdown never offers the change to post them as Wages - Casual.

If they are invoicing you for the their time, surely they should be classified as a supplier rather than casual staff anyway? Don’t quote me on that mind you - I’m not an accountant.

If you did want to move the payments, you would have to journal them

Thank you. Yes I have always considered them to be suppliers as they invoice for their time. Do you think I should classify them as ‘Professional Fees’ as well then, just so we can see what we have paid for extra staffing in the shop?

I wouldn’t like to say sorry. But hopefully someone who is an accountant (like @FaradayKeynes) may be able to help further on what nominal to put them against

Thats not wages at all, if you are employing people then you have to run it through payroll system, else its invoices from self employed or other businesses, which should be classified as professional fee, repairs (painting labour) etc

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OK thank you. That makes sense.

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