Categorising purchases correctly

I’m about to submit my first self assessment and I have a few purchases which I’m unsure what category to put them into and want to make sure I’ve got them right and I’m not finding the ‘Help me choose a category’ button very helpful, I wonder if you can take a look and see if I’m putting things in the right categories?

For your information it’s a video production business, and I’ll put the category that I “think” that these items should go in.

  1. Adobe software, Apps and Misc Software (Professional Fees)
  2. Industry related social events (Miscellaneous Expenses)
  3. Monthly fee to Google for business email account (Hosting Fees and IT Consumables)
  4. Content writer for website via People Per Hour website (Professional Fees)
  5. Light bulbs for studio lights and rechargeable batteries (Hosting Fees and IT Consumables)
  6. Computer RAM and storage memory (Capital Expenditure [Asset])
  7. Digital camera (Capital Expenditure [Asset])

Very much appreciated, thank you.

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