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Category on Estimates and Invoices

Guys have been helping a few SMB get started. There is one annoyance we have overcome with CSS as we have advanced but they are just getting started.

The issue is that on Estimates and Invoices is that the Category (Journal entry) is hidden until a Cog is clicked. The fact that this is hidden encourages poor accounting and tracking. We are trying to explain staff that they need to enter sales into the correct cost headings. They frequently forget (even our staff do and we have exposed it and made is red)

Can you make it a setting that Category is not hidden.
Even better would be a setting that made this field mandatory (not defaulted to General)

Hi @MearTech

Thank you for your suggestion.

In the meantime, I posted this a while back - not sure if it would help?
Display category popup menu on new invoices by default

This would apply to all invoices and estimates during editing.

Not available on the standard licence as you can not manipulate CSS.

As you can see from my screenshot we already mastered that (We code so are quite happy with CSS,JS,HTML) sure others who stumble across it will find it useful so thanks anyway.

So while people are getting to grips with if they should buy in to Quickfile or not it adds a barrier that it particularly taxing for new business owners/startups and non techs getting to grips with accounting for the first time. Or moving away from excel/paper.

As a workaround we teach our volunteers to use inventory items for all entries. They don’t have to be physical products, with a magazine our “inventory” includes such items as “full page advetisement” and “subscription”.

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Thanks I know about this option but also not suitable for all clients. Fine if they are selling a select number of products but some of them like us are creating unique quotations covering a range of services and systems.

I suppose we could create an inventory item which is purely a category. However it is not a big issue for QF to change (Just might not be a priority :slight_smile: ). I don’t understand why it is hidden.