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Cater allen bank feeds stopped AGAIN

cater allen bank feeds stopped AGAIN on 19th November. even manual refresh is broken now. Will this ever be properly fixed, or shall I just remove (and ask for a refund) this feature from my account?

Morning Cliff,

We believe that Cater Allen are very close to launching their Open Banking compatible API. I have emailed our contact at Cater Allen to see when this will be available. It’s a priority on our side to move forward with this integration as soon as it’s production ready.

As soon as I have more information I will update you.

Awesome, thanks. Cater allen are really not as good as they used to be :frowning:

Hi @Cliff_Harris

I wanted to let you know that we onboarded with Cater Allen for Open Banking on Wednesday. We’ve had to reach out to them in regards to some integration issues. As I say it’s our top priority to ensure this feed is operational as soon as possible. Once we get a reply from CA we should be able to get this into our live environment.

I will keep you posted.

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We’ve heard back from Cater Allen today. It seems their API is not quite 100% complete. They have a release scheduled for next week that should fix the issues we’ve been encountering with our integration so far.

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Further update for you.

Cater Allen are in a “Managed Rollout” phase. We are part of their test group and our dev team are feeding back to CA on any issues encountered. We’re waiting for a response on a few points, although we hope to have something ready very soon.

this is still not available 3 months later?

Hi @Cliff_Harris

The Cater Allen feed is 90% done on our end, and is pending a fix on the banks end.

Currently the feed doesn’t supply any transaction description. We are continuing to chase this with them.

As soon as they’ve fixed this, I’m confident the feed will be up and running in a very short space of time.

Thanks. They really screwed up their new website, so I don’t have a high opinion of the software devs at their end :smiley:

@Cliff_Harris - I have some good news for you. It appears Cater Allen have added descriptions to the feed, so we are now in a position to do some tests, if you’re interested?

Just let me know, and we’ll get your account added to our testers list :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, happy to join the list!