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Cater Allen

Is Cater Allen bank feed integration coming soon, or even planned, or do we have to rely on the Yodlee tool?

You can only access via Yodlee at the moment

Is it planned? If yes then do you have a date in mind?

Unfortunately we don’t have timescales but we do hope to support as many banks with the Open Banking facility as possible

OK - I see that response a lot! Will look into Yodlee. thanks

Hi @Hillsy101,

Unfortunately Yodlee will be the only way at the moment as Cater Allen do not appear to support Open banking at the moment but we will keep an eye out to hopefully add them in the future when they are supporting it.


No worries, thanks for clarifying

Talk about a coincidence but cater Allen sent a letter today saying that open banking is coming imminently!

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