Certain passwords cause 500 errors

I just tried to enter the following as a password:
The password is accepted but it causes a 500 server error (if you do it from a reset email link) or just nothing happens if you set it using “Edit team member” and click on “save”.

Clearly, there’s something about the password that the QuickFile tool does not permit. QuickFile should not allow you to specify any passwords that causes its system to crash.

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Hello @ashcroft

Thank you for your feedback regarding this.

I have passed this to our development team to look into.

Hi @ashcroft

This issue should now be resolved. Would you mind checking it with a different password, please, and let us know if this is now working as expected?

Many thanks for fixing it so quickly. I haven’t had a need to set any more passwords, but I will check it out when I can.

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What have you done to resolve it out of interest? I raised an issue with password length limitations and a field max value was increased from what I can gather rather than simply storing passwords in a more accepted practice which incurs no maximum length or character limitations.

Hi @Lurch

I’m not able to go into too much detail, but it wasn’t an issue with the way the password is stored, more of an issue with how it was being passed to the server prior to hashing (e.g. some characters are used in malicious code and were triggering errors).

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