Change account currency


By mistake, I created a loan account and selected GBP instead of USD currency. Having posted a few transactions, I realised the mistake. However, if I go to the account settings it seems impossible to change neither the type of the account, nor the currency. I’m wondering, if can be done your end?

Thank you.


Unfortunately we’re not able to change it once it’s been set up. Some bank entries require a matching exchange rate with them which we’re unable to add retrospectively.

Do you have many bank entries in this account?

Many thanks for your reply. I don’t have many entries. Just didn’t want to delete the account and start again. If the entries that I have are untagged, would be possible to force the change via the back end?

Unfortunately due to the way it works, you would need to re-enter the transactions.

If it was the same currency, then it would be easier. But we need to account for the GBP values of the transactions too for reporting (as all reports are in GBP)

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