Change client email address and password

New to quickfiles but really pleased so far. Unfortunately when setting up a new client I used incorrect email address so initial email with introduction to log in area etc. the wont go through to them. I have since changed the users email address.
What will happen?
Will the address change trigger a new email to the user or is there a way of re-sending the original email?

In general your clients will seldom need to use the password. Any invoice you issue on Quick File will contain a link that automatically logs the client in, unless you have the following checkbox marked in the client settings area (this will force that particular client to always log in manually).

If you need to change the login email or password, you can do this from the client detail screen, just click to edit the contact, change the email or password and check the box to email the new details to the client. More details can be found on this here:

I have a customer with an email xxxinvoices& it appears the field in QF doesn’t like the ‘&’ . I know this email address is live as its where I’ve been sending the Invoice to for sometime

I’ve never come across an ampersand in an email before, but lo and behold it is a valid character! I’ve asked a developer to see if we can tweak the validation rule we use on emails to allow for this. Please leave this with me.

@nigelgeary we now support email addresses with ampersand characters.

Great stuff. Many thanks