Change Credit Note Number and Format

Wea are creating our first credit note from the invoice and the Credit Note Number is CN00001. We need to change this to be the next series of our credit note number and not starr from 1
Can anyone please help if this is a setting that needs to change this number somewhere?

I know with invoices you can change the number at the point where you first create the invoice and the numbering sequence will continue from there. With invoices you can also change a number retrospectively but that won’t affect the future numbering sequence, only setting a number at creation time can do that.

Credit notes I don’t believe are editable at all after creation, but you can try deleting the note you’ve already created and then create another one and edit the number there before saving it. Or did you already try to edit the number last time and it didn’t let you? (I don’t know for sure, I’m not QuickFile staff and I’ve never had reason to try this myself).

A general note on the numbering series thing, it is justifiable to change the series if you for instance change software or something, so it doesn’t necessarily have to match your old credit note number series. I believe the intent of keeping numbers in series is to not have random numbers willy nilly all over the place on a whim.

The intent of keeping numbers sequential is to make it harder to have invoices conveniently disappear when you get a VAT inspection. If the inspector sees invoices 523 and 525 but you can’t show them 524 then that is automatically suspicious.

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