Change default contact name in Affinity

I have main authority in the Affinity profile set up.
Additional companies were set up but have an employee as the main contact - clearly this will need to be able to be changed.
Can’t seem to be able to do this. Tells me I must do it from Affinity but cannot see how. Tried not logging into the company, tried logging into the company.
Help please

You can change the default admin user by first logging into your Affinity account and selecting the menu option “Account Settings” followed by “Team Management”.

Now click to edit the contact you want to make the default, check the box “Administrator Account” and save.

That should work for you.

I have administrator privileges set for me on this company, but the Afinity dashboard still shows our employee in the contact details for that company.
This surely has to be able to be amended as the person in charge of an account will often change.

Are you able to PM me some specific details on the company along with some screenshots please? I think we’re referring to different things here.

Sent you the mail with the images in last week - can’t seem to paste images in this page that clarify the problem.
Can I send to a different address for you to see them

Just the text shows below.

Affinity login

Both companies should show me as the primary contact

UK Company

note that linda.smith is the primary contact show in the first image on this email, not Barbara Borrington - albeit that there is an affinity email address.

If I select this company from the Affiity dashboard I am greeted with Hi Barbara (Linda being the main contact)

SA division (to get around unnecessary currency conversions as has SA bank account)

shows me as not logged in yet - will not allow me to have my email address as system tells me that it has already been used.

If I select this company from the Affiity dashboard I am greeted with Hi Linda (Barbara being the main contact)
(We have the same problem with Linda in the test company).

Clearly I am getting to this from the Affinity team screen where I am the primary contact. Linda has an mail address for this company but a mail address for the company and the Affinity login.

The test company was created as a stand alone then imported into Affinity, the other two were created from within Affinity.

I think I am missing some understanding of the logic of the construction of the Affinity and the other companies - help please!

Thanks again for your prompt response


You should be able to paste images on this forum. You can also send me a private message by clicking on my image here and then the “Private Message” button. Pictures would be very helpful or at least QF account numbers.

When you create a new company profile in Affinity it will assign a specific user to that account only used for Affinity Access (this will be named as the the Affinity admin user). Whenever you log into the account via Affinity it will use that dedicated Affinity user profile. Now when you set up a user for the end-client, when they log in it will show their name in the dashboard greeting.

If you can send me a specific account number or company name you’re having problems with I may be able to guide you further.