Change email associated with account


Our business has 3 email addresses one for each of the partners and one we can both access. info@

and originally started on quickfile with partnership with the email address we can both access info@

We subsequently became a limited company and had to open a new account with antther email address so used mine

I have now realised ( very belatedly ) that we can send emails via Qucikfile to clients and this would be great and allow us to keep business emails very seperate

But the email address we need to use is the one we can both access info@

can we change the email address associated to our LTD account seeing as its the one linked to the now obsolete partnerhsip account and if so how I preusme we need to keep the partnership acc open for at least 6 years

I hope this makes sense

Firstly, the email address that invoices are sent from can be configured independently of the email addresses you’re using to access the account. You can change this in Account Settings >> Routine Emails.

Regarding account access, you can only use one email address per account in QuickFile. You can however log into the old partnership account and change the address there to something else thus freeing up that email to be used in the new LTD account. All this can be done in the team management area of your accounts.

Fantastic thanks Glen all I need to do really is chnage the email address the message is sent from !

one other thing we we send an individual message to 2 people like a cc

Can you let me know which message you are referring to here?

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