Change font size in Estimates & Invoices

Help please, I am trying to increase the size of font in invoices and estimates, as they are far too small for clients in my view. How can I do this please?

If you go to the invoice preview screen you can pop open the gallery (look for the green button). Find your chosen style and click the orange customise button, this will open a CSS editor on the right.

To modify the fonts see the following guide.

CSS Editor - Changing font style and size


Just realised that the example is specifically for the INVOICE label at the top of the page. For the general text you need to edit the values in the invoice-text class:

Let me know if you get stuck.

Many thanks for that it has worked a treat. Also is there any way I can reduce/expand the column widths in the itemised area as I would like the central box to be wider and others to be smaller, thanks.

You can change column widths by adding the following classes

    width:200px !important;

The column number is in the class name e.g. thItems1, thItems2, thItems3 etc.

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