Change Footer Font Size?

The footnote font size is large in comparison to the invoice templates font size. I would prefer to increase the size of the invoice template but can accept that I have to use existing template but the font size is disproportionate, a footnote font should always be smaller than the font size of the body of text. I have tried several ways but can not see a way out. If the invoice size is 12pt which it does not look when printed, it does on preview so I am not sure if this is true size for starters? But how can I make the footnote font on PRINT OUT become 4 pt smaller than the rest of the text on an invoice?

The PDF footer does support some very basic HTML/CSS. Here is a list of support tags that you can try:

<A HREF="...">
<DIV ALIGN="..." STYLE="...">
<FONT SIZE="..." FACE="..." COLOR="...">
<FONT STYLE="...">


The following worked for me:

I have no idea what scale it’s using, but 1 seemed to shrink the text slightly.

excellent thanks Glen that worked a treat!

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