Change from Sole Trader to Ltd Co

Hi there, I’ve been using QF for years now and I love it.

I have been a Ltd Co previously and I setup a new QF account in April this year and I started again as a sole trader. I now want to go Ltd - was wondering if there’s a way to make this change within QF settings?

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If you are going Ltd, this will be treated like a whole new company. The same goes for QuickFile, you will need to set up a separate account for the new Ltd company. You can do an account backup and use these files to upload into your new account as opening balances and move your clients/suppliers etc

That’s great - thanks.

Will I have to pay the yearly subscription again or as soon as I hit the threshold to pay?

The subscription would be needed when you hit the threshold, but we can transfer your subscription if needed.

Likewise, if it helps, we can transfer your clients and suppliers over from one account to the other. Just let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling for you :slight_smile:

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If you choose to transfer the subscription make sure you’ve exported all the reports and data you’ll need for tax purposes from the old system because if you’ve done over 1,000 transactions (you can see in the Account Usage report) you’ll be locked out of the old account until the number of transactions in the rolling 12 month window falls below the threshold again.

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