Change invoice format

Is there a way to change the format of my invoices so instead of:

“Unit cost” “Qty” “VAT” “Total”

To have:

“Unit cost” Qty” “Price excluding vat” “Vat” “Total”?

Hi @Diamondgeezer,

You could use some custom css (providing you have a power user subscription) to change the headings etc but you won’t be able to add an extra column

On my QF invoices the “unit cost” is already the “price excluding VAT”?.

Do you actually want to show:
“Unit cost” Qty” “TOTAL excluding vat” “Vat Amount” “Total INCLUDING VAT”?

There is a “show itemised VAT” tick box on the Account Settings -> Invoice customisation page which might get you close to this.

Yes, I ideally don’t want the gross totals at the end of each item line. Only unit cost, units, net total, and vat.

Only after the total of the entire invoice so I want the gross.